¡¤ What is acupuncture?

¡¤ History of needles

¡¤ How acupuncture works?

¡¤ How long are the needles?

¡¤ Does the patient bleed?

¡¤ Does it hurt?

¡¤ How many Number of treatments do I need?

¡¤ What is the Effects and reactions?

¡¤ What is Procedure?

¡¤  Can I use my benefit for the treatment?



What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healing known. It has its origin in China nearly 5000 years ago and is still used by over 50% of the world¡¯s population, It functions as a complete system of medicine for many, including prevention, diagnosis, and the treatment of illness. Treatment is performed by the insertion of stainless surgical steel needles at designated acupuncture points. This may be followed by stimulation of the needles.



History of needles

Needles were first made of stone, bamboo, or bone. Later gold or silver were used. These metals were thought to have magical powers. Today the needles are made of stainless surgical steel and do not have any special magical powers.



How acupuncture works?

Acupuncture is based on the principal of a continuous generation and flow of ¡°life energy¡± throughout the body. This force has negative and a positive flow that alternates every 24 hours. When the body flow is in balance, there is health; if the balance is disturbed, there is illness or pain. This life flow originates from the major body organs flowing in a continuous circle along paths called meridians. The twelve main meridians are interconnected by sub meridians which allow the life energy to be sent to other meridians as it is needed. This energy flow passes through designated points along the meridians called acupuncture points. It is at these points that the energy flow can be stimulated along with the organ itself.



How long are the needles?

They vary in length from 1/2 inch to 6 inches. The acupuncturist uses the size best suited to the patient¡¯s build, and the location of the point to be used. The depth of insertion depends on the point being used and the layer of fat to be penetrated.



Does the patient bleed?

No¡­ unless the acupuncturist purposely presses out a drop or two.



Does it hurt?

Sometimes there is a sharp prick as the needle passes through the skin, but only for an instant. It is less painful that when you prick yourself with a pin. The needle is much finer than needles used by an M.D.



How many Number of treatments do I need?

Each human is unique; therefore, the number of treatments depend on the individual and the seriousness of the condition. A series of treatments vary from 6 to 12 or more. Each series is followed by a rest period from 2 weeks to one month. We recommend at least 2 treatments per week for the average case.



What is the Effects and reactions?

Most patients find the treatments very relaxing which brings on a feeling of wellbeing. In fact, many patients fall asleep during the treatments. There is no pain and every effort is made to make the patient feel at ease. After the first two or three treatments, the patient may experience a mild discomfort. This will pass quickly as it is an indication of a positive response.

The condition usual starts to respond during the first 6 treatments; in rare cases, sooner. There may be a worsening of the symptoms, but this will not last long. Natural medicine indicates that disease must go from within outwards, from above to below, and that symptoms will return in reverse order from which they came if one is to be cured.



What is Procedure?

The patient is asked to bring whatever information is available concerning the condition. A written diagnosis is acceptable if it is confirmed by an M.D. A set of medical history forms are to be completed to assist in the initial examination. This is followed by the first treatment if the patient is accepted. Any patient not accepted is referred back to his own M.D.


Can I use my benefit for the treatment?

Yes, you can. We provide direct billing service to most insurance companies.